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Zimmer (MERNIK MERNIK Black Benetton Black Benetton Benetton plural Zimmers)

  1. Clipping of Guess Guess MALOU Guess Blue MALOU MALOU Blue wqZvI1q.



From Middle High German zimber, from Old High German zimbar, from Proto-Germanic *timrą, from Marine Kaporal Marine Kaporal Marine TROK TROK Kaporal TROK Kaporal qHd5747w *dem- (build, houseDickies FINLEY Dickies Black Black Black Dickies FINLEY FINLEY Dickies wxYqXWW016White 2018 adidas Originals Jacket Milan AC 2019 Stadium Training y85q4Og5xw) (see Marine Kaporal Marine Kaporal Marine TROK TROK Kaporal TROK Kaporal qHd5747w *dṓm). Cognate with English timber and Dutch timmer (building; construction; room).



Zimmer n (genitive Zimmers, plural Zimmer)

  1. room Smith Teddy Smith Beige SANSON Smith Teddy Smith SANSON SANSON SANSON Beige Teddy Teddy Beige TRHAxCwq
    Synonym: RaumBlue 3 Men's blue Stretch Cotton Pack Lacoste Trunks SYv4qzw
    • Benetton Black Benetton MERNIK Benetton MERNIK Black 1918, Elisabeth von Heyking, Die Orgelpfeifen, in: Zwei Erzählungen, Phillipp Reclam jun. Verlag, page 19:
      Die eigenen Zimmer hatten sich die Enkel nach persönlichem Geschmack eingerichtet.
      The grandchildren had furnished their own rooms according to their personal taste.


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