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Alternative forms[edit]


southeast (plural southeasts)

  1. The direction of the cardinal compass point halfway between south and east, specifically 135°, abbreviated as SE.

Coordinate terms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]



southeast (comparative more southeast, superlative most southeast)

  1. Southeastern, southeasternmost; occupying a position that is relatively southeast of another. quotations ▼
    • 2014, Robert Barr, For the Love of Flight, Dorrance Publishing (ISBN 9781434969606), page 61
      The first rocket exploded on the southeast camp fire perimeter, and the second dropped in to the northwest, a few hundred meters from the center of the workforce complex.
  2. Towards the southeast; southeastwards.
  3. From the southeast, amp; Jack amp; Marine JJEHOWARD Jones Jones Jack q8twgxgB.

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