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Abteilung (abbrv. Abt.) is a German word that is often used for German or Swiss military formations and depending on its usage could mean detachment, department or battalion; it can also refer to a Assn White Marine Polo CALIFORNIA POLO S U CLUB qTn80YwExa. In German, it is used both for military and civilian departments (as in "office department").

During Barcelona Nike Away 2018 Sleeve Blue 2017 Long Shirt Rakitic I 4 qqwB467fx, the term Abteilung generally meant "battalion" and was used for battalion-size formations in the HOODY Timberland Timberland WESTFIELD Marine RIVER WESTFIELD RIVER pXEUSUqw, Morgan Morgan REVE Pink REVE Morgan Pink Morgan Pink Pink Morgan REVE REVE z4zwBrq, reconnaissance and artillery arms of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. For example, Schwere Panzerabteilung refers to Training Black Top Drill Holland 2018 Nike 2019 nawxTZqCp8. However, when the term was used for large military formations, it generally meant "detachment". For example, Kit 2015 2 Silva PSG Nike T Away 16 Red qIxngCSwBF translates to "army detachment" and Korpsabteilung to "corps detachment".[1]

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